The Strange, The Serious, The Stigmas and The Scruples That Connect to the Sex Industry

This is a condensed version of my forum which can be found at while the third is my own thoughts and views uncensored. A complete list of my Blogs can also be found at

The views and answers expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of Scarlett Academy.

List of Contents

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A Question and Answer Blog

This is a collection of questions I have answered on They have been asked by people from all over the world seeking answers about the Sex Industry. My answers range from the work to the laws, to the funny moment and the serious struggles.

Information rich it seeks to help expand people knowledge past the stereotypes from within the Industry.

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My Personal Journey as a Sex Worker

Share my journey in life and personal experiences as well as first-person points of view to different aspects of sex work. I invite you into work and private life of a sex worker in today’s society.

This covers everything from childhood to dealing with work and life to dating or anything else that may come up during my sex worker career.

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Speaking Out Loud

This is a blog where I can speak out and vent my frustrations on what I see, experience or research on the harm, injustices and misconceptions around my industry. What I have to bite my tongue about other places, I share here.These are my personal thoughts and opinion and do not represent anyone else.

These are my personal thoughts and opinion alone and do not represent anyone else inside or outside my community.